Guardiola ‘can’t be f**ked’ with reading about Jurgen Klopp

Pep Guardiola has joked that he “can’t be f**ked” with reading about Jurgen Klopp.

Manchester City manager Guardiola was speaking at a lecture at Liverpool University this week when he took a comedic jab at his German rival.

When asked what books he enjoys reading, Guardiola replied: “I don’t read. I start reading and before I know it I am reading about Jurgen Klopp. I can’t be f**ked with that.”

While admitting his desire to enter into international management, the Spaniard also spoke seriously on his improvements at club level.

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“It’s the toughest one,” he said, discussing the differences between the Premier League, the Bundesliga and La Liga.

“For the amount of games, for the weather, the referees saying play, play, play. There are many contenders [to win the title]. No other country has that.

“It would be unfair to say that though. There are many things in Germany and Spain that have better things than here.

“I am a better manager now than I was at Barcelona and Bayern Munich. It’s the most unpredictable league I’ve been in. You watch Match of the Day. The people are crazy here compared to other countries and it’s good.”


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