Car Smashes Into Man On Treadmill At Culver City Gym: Video

CULVER CITY, CA – A man getting his morning run in was run into instead. A car smashed through a window at Anytime Fitness gym on March 29 in Culver City and it was all caught on video.

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The gym’s security camera shows Samuel Kiwasz on a treadmill, and several seconds later an SUV slams into the building, ramming the treadmill into the wall behind it and pinning Kiwasz between the two, Fox 11 reported.

“It’s a miracle that I’m alive,” Kiwasz told ABC7. “All of a sudden there was this loud crash and the glass came flying and I got hit…and I got shoved back and I went flying and rolled to the side so I wouldn’t get crushed.”

The driver, a blonde woman, got out of her SUV to check on Kiwasz but then tried to get back into her vehicle. That’s when an undercover police officer exercising at the gym stopped the driver until authorities arrived, Fox 11 reported. The woman allegedly told police her brake pedal didn’t work.

Anytime Fitness is located at 4130 Sepulveda Boulevard in Culver City.

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