California Teen Praised For Saving Toddler

MODESTO, CA — A California teen was praised Tuesday for saving a toddler he found roaming the streets. Modesto Police wrote on Facebook that Adrian Castro, 13, called police after he found 2-year-old girl in the middle of a street when a car approached.

“Adrian quickly acted and grabbed the child,” police wrote on the social media website. “He was unable to locate an adult around so he called 911.”

Police officers later learned the toddler figured out how to open the front door to her home and “left the mother terrified, frantically searching for her child. “

Adrian was recognized by the Police Department with gifts of appreciation and a “citizen challenge coin,” police wrote.

“We are proud of this guy and think he is a true hero!” police wrote.

The Facebook post went viral after the Police Department shared it, receiving more than 5,000 likes and 260 comments.

Adrian’s mother also commented.

“I am so happy my son kept that little one safe,” Lupita Castro wrote. “He is an awesome & good kid.”

Karen Julio wrote, “We need more like this young man!”

Brandon Biagi wrote, “Parenting done right!!! Good job young man!!”

Photo courtesy of Modesto Police Department

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