Man Falls Out Of Car On Interstate 70 In St. Louis: Video

ST. LOUIS, MO — “Check on yo peoples,” reads the caption on a video recorded by Chad Rivera and posted to Facebook Tuesday. The clip, which reportedly was recorded in St. Louis, shows a shirtless man hanging out of a car window. A moment later, the camera jumps, and when we next see the man he is skidding along the highway out of sight.

Just before the man falls, it appears in the video the car’s T-top, a removable section of roof, breaks away. It flies into the air, taking the man’s handhold with it.

“Yeah he tried getting our attention,” wrote a witness in the video’s comment thread. “…buddy driving slammed on the breaks to avoid a car, dude pulled the t-top off and away he went. He ended up ~50′ past us in the lane next to the fast lane missing a shoe. [Expletive] hobbled to his shoe and put it on and then hobbled to the left median all while traffic was flying by. Sat on the median for a couple minutes and one of our guys tried to walk up to see if he was good. He waved our guy off angrily and then ran back across the road in the middle of traffic again (somehow didn’t get hit). His homeboy never came back for him.”

The incident took place on Interstate 70. Exactly where isn’t clear. According to witnesses, the man was mostly unharmed, but the driver of the car never returned for him, which is a little sad.

Watch the video below:

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