Watch Redondo Police K9 Take Down Vicious Jack-In-The-Box Toy

REDONDO BEACH, CA – A Redondo Beach Police Department K9 team member named Ammo either really likes, or really hates his new Jack-in-the-box toy.

In an Instagram video posted by the Redondo Beach K9 team, the German shepherd patiently watches as an officer winds up the toy – which is decorated with the Redondo Beach Police Department logo.

As the familiar jingle plays, a mini German shepherd pops up from the inside of the box, surprising the dog.

That’s when Ammo quickly bites the head of the toy, rips the box from the officer’s hand, and shakes it around a bit. The German shepherd showed off his take down skills for his team members. Who knew a Jack-in-the-box would make the perfect chew toy?

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Image via YouTube screen grab

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