Champions League: Lube too strong for Resovia

Despite a good game and a fierce fight, in the home match the Polish Champions bowed to Macerata in straight sets. The best player on court was Ivan Zaytsev.



Asseco Resovia Rzeszow – Lube Banca Marche Macerata 0-3 (23-25, 24-26, 19-25)
Rzeszow: Grzyb 7, Lotman 7, Tichacek 2, Schops 16, Kovacevic 5, Ignaczak (L) and Nowakowski 9, Dobrowolski 1, Kosok, Akhrem 1, Perlowski.
Macerata: Podrascanin 11, Kooy 15, Travica, Parodi 7, Zaytsev 16, Henno (L) and Lampariello, Pajenk 2, Stankovic 6, Monopoli, Starovic 1.

Rzeszow: block – 7, attack – 39%, reception – 59%(34%), serve – 3. 
Macerata: block – 13, attack – 47%, reception – 63%(50%), serve – 0.

It was the match between Polish and Italian Champions. In Rzeszow everybody expected a thrilling show and I can’t say anybody could feel disappointed. It was a tied game, a fight point to point with a lot of strong attacks and precise blocks, only one element can be disappointing – the result. From the Polish fans’ point of view, a defeat is a little bit surprising, because during the first two sets Resovia played very well and did not really allow Macerata to prevail ‘on their land’. Moreover, they kept 2-3 points of advantage almost the whole time! However, at the end of each set they made several mistakes and the guests made score even. From the Italian fans’ point of view, it was rather a quick and lucky match. Macerata was able to take advantage of the errors committed by the opponents and dominated in the 3rd set, increasing an edge worked out at the beginning of that part of the game.

“We played the first two sets at the highest level” – said the head coach of Lube, Alberto Giuliani. “In the third set maybe Resovia has suffered the blow and we have not had difficulties to keep those three points of advantage we worked out, thanks to the concentration we maintained at any time during the game. We played in the middle of a real pit, the Polish public was incredible, wonderfully supported its team. Even more, then, my team deserves an applause for having played with clear minds, order and remorselessness in crucial moments of the match. But we mustn’t forget that the last word has not been said. Next Wednesday we will play another difficult battle against the Polish team, which certainly won’t give up and will do its best to win the rematch”.

Aleh Akhrem, the captain of Resovia, added: “We feel very sorry for this defeat. We were looking for a victory. We started this game well, on a good level, but unfortunately we lost the endings of the sets. It’s a shame that we couldn’t take out chances especially in front of our crowd. Nevertheless, this is sport and we’re going to Macerata with some optimism and fighting spirit”.

The rematch will be played on January, 23rd at 20.30 in Fontescodella hall in Macerata.


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