What Can We Read From Volleyball Statistics?

In the modern, technological environment that we live in statistics play a huge part in our day to day lives. People make huge decisions each day based purely on statistical data. These decisions can be business or social based, but one thing’s for sure, rarely is a decision made in 2017 without some sort of statistical analysis being involved.

One area in which statistics are most prominent is sport. There are a number of companies out there who made a large amount of money by purely tracking and analysing statistics.

Take Opta for example. Opta provide data and analysis to many of the biggest sports teams in the world. These teams then use this to make informed decisions on things such as training methods, resource allocation and even transfers.

 Betting using statistics

Many people believe that by analysing statistics it’s possible to ‘beat the bookie’. This is actually quite true when it comes to volleyball.

You can take advantage of the extra insights that statistics can offer when betting on volleyball and a host of other sports by being more knowledgeable about the sport than the bookmaker; potential winnings can be grown even more by activating this bonus code before placing a bet.

Often overlooked by major bookmakers, there’s no doubt that the volleyball market offers fantastic value when placing a bet. By doing proper research and evaluating statistics it’s possible to predict trends and outcomes that the bookmaker is unaware of.

Tracking and finding statistics in volleyball

Tracking statistics can often be a tricky business; which is why so many sports teams outsource the job to experts such as the aforementioned Opta. The sorts of statistics that are tracked regularly in volleyball are things such as player’s physical states, average shots per point and the amount of points each team concedes in certain areas of the court.

If you’re looking to find out statistics from a certain game of volleyball then the FIVB has statistics from games which can be found now during FIVB world league.

How are statistics used within the game?         

Of course, with any statistics, it’s being able to bring each piece of data together and formulate it in a way to identify an opponent’s weakness. For example, let’s say team A knows that Team B concede the majority of their points in the far left area of the court late on in games. With this knowledge in mind, Team A can actively target that weakness at the necessary point in the game.

Statistics are implemented by all teams; but there’s often a distinct correlation between those that do it well and those that are successful. This is true across a variety of sports, not just volleyball.

What do volleyball statistics tell us?

Volleyball statistics can tell you whatever you want them to. If you’re looking to place a bet they can give you insights and help you to beat the bookie. If you’re a viewer they can help you decide which match to watch (the one where there’s likely to be the most exciting action – through long rallies and good defensive play). If you’re a team or player they can help you to identify weaknesses in your opponent’s game and give you an edge over your competition.

Overall statistics play a huge role in volleyball; and without them the way we watch and play the game would be a whole lot different.

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