Balor Shows Off a Bruise, Sullivan Won’t Complain, New Anthem COO

Finn Balor is capable of pulling off some insane maneuvers and the Raw Superstar usually gives his best performance in every single match that he is involved in. For instance, Balor competed on last night’s episode of Raw in a six-man tag team match that saw him team up with Baron Corbin to face the team of Braun Strowman and Kevin Owens. Owens and Strowman ended up winning the match via countout, but Balor ended up with a devastating bruise on his lower back after being attacked by Corbin. Balor uploaded an image of the bruise on his Twitter account and noted that it took on the shape of the Balor Club logo. The image is a bit grotesque, but it can still be viewed down below:

Thanks Constable Corbin….
But even when I bruise I’m Bálor Club
— Finn Bálor forEVERYone (@FinnBalor) June 27, 2018

Professional wrestlers and airline travel have never really mixed well over the years. Time after time fans will see wrestlers complain about an airline or a hotel that they had to deal with recently, but NXT Superstar Lars Sullivan has promised to never become one of those individuals. Sullivan just had his representative, William Christensen, post a message on Twitter officially declaring that Sullivan is not interested in ever reciprocating what he calls “crybaby posts.” Sullivan recently lost an NXT Championship match against Aleister Black at NXT Takeover: Chicago. He is expected to be featured on tonight’s episode of NXT and address what is next for his still young career in the wrestling business.

William Christensen here. Lars would like to say that he will NEVER use Twitter, or ANY social media platform, to complain about an airline, a cellular telephone service provider, bank, or anything of the sort. Lars is sickened by these crybaby posts. Thank you- WC
— LarsWWE (@LarsSWWE) June 27, 2018

For a couple of years now, Impact Wrestling has been run by the Anthem Sports & Entertainment company that is based in Canada. Anthem purchased Impact from Dixie Carter at a time when the promotion was deeply struggling financially, and Anthem has been doing a decent job when it comes to relaunching and rebranding the show. There was a major shakeup to the company this week though as Peter Einstein has officially been named as Anthem’s new COO. Despite the recent COO change, PWInsider reports that this will not have any affect on the current management team of Don Callis, Scott D’Amore, and Ed Nordholm that Impact Wrestling has at the moment.

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