Becky Lynch Knee Injury Is A Work

Fans of The Man take heart. The Becky Lynch knee injury that WWE has sold throughout the end of The Royal Rumble, RAW and SmackDown last week in Phoenix is a work. She’s not suffering from an actual injury. 
The nature of dirt sheets is to get wrestling fans worked up and talking about the industry between shows, and numerous ones got the WWE Universe online worked up Sunday with talk about a real life Becky Lynch knee injury being the cause of her missing WWE Live event shows in Canada this weekend. These rumors are false.
Multiple reports, including this one by Ringside News, have debunked this claim. Eagle-eyed fans can also check the validity of this out on their own. If you watch closely, she feigned injury in both knees during the finish of The Royal Rumble match, she’s able to use both legs capably for support during her brawl segment with Charlotte Flair on SmackDown and has taken a few photos with friends and fans at Deadboys Fitness Crossfit workouts without the knee brace.

To be sure, it’s a great sell job by Lynch and the WWE, and you feel for fans in Canada who bought tickets thinking they would get to see The Man. However, don’t expect Lynch to miss any of the big TV shows and build to WrestleMania. There’s still 10 weeks to go before we get the big Lynch-Rousey showdown and there’s a lot of programming to fill in a rivalry that features two stars on different brands. The injury angle is a way to help fill some of that time and give Lynch who has worked a pretty busy schedule for months a bit of a breather. 
If anything, this doesn’t help some of the heat WWE has taken recently for advertising stars for shows that have no intention of working them. WWE took some flack for promoting and heavily marketing John Cena at The Royal Rumble, even though he was always going to be working on a film during that time period. They also promoted Brock Lesnar against Braun Strowman at The Royal Rumble up until the last minute because WWE thought it would sell more tickets than Brock versus Finn Balor. 

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