Blugeon Brothers Gimmick Not Dead

Last night during the Smackdown broadcast, a new video of Luke Harper and Erik Roman’s new gimmick The Blugeon Brothers aired.
There had been rumors the gimmick was being killed off after both Rowan and Haper appeared in their older gimmicks with the Wyatt Family during the tour of Europe while playing the former music they used. There have also been pictures posted of different outfits both wore during the tour as well.
With the airing last night, there seems to be some hope that the gimmick will still be used, at least for the time being.

The new image for the former members of the Wyatt family have been accused of being inspired by ROH’s War Machine tag team.  If that is the case or not is not known. There has been hints of involvement with Breezeango through there Fashion Police shorts over recent weeks, but nothing solid in that way either as of yet.
No official television date has been announced yet for their debut under the new gimmick, but they have been wrestling in the shows of the European tour that are not airing on television. With the WWE’s LONG history of debuting new wrestlers and gimmicks right after pay-per-views, we can hope that means that these two will be arriving on television in the coming weeks.


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