Brazil earned USD 300 000 for beating all in Japan

Who else could win the World Grand Champions Cup then Brazil? Brazil had a tough match against Cuba, all the other games were 100% under their control.



Brazil clinched their third FIVB World Grand Champions Cup by sweeping Japan 3-0 in the last match to finish the tournament with a perfect 5-0 record. The South American champions, winners of this inter-continental title in 1997 and 2005, showed Japan who was boss in a comprehensive 25-12, 26-24, 25-22 victory. Japan finished the week at 3-2, good enough to take the bronze medal behind Cuba (4-1) – Japan’s first podium finish in an FIVB event for 32 years.

"We had one of our best moments in the first set. I think Brazil played wonderful, but Japan fought back and it was a tough second and third set. It was a wonderful match for the spectators with some nice rallies and good exchanges of the ball. In the tournament as a whole Brazil had our ups and downs but when we needed to be stable in the big matches we played better. That is the most important thing. Right now we are going to party tonight but from tomorrow I must start thinking how to build a stronger team for next year’s World League and World Championship,
" said coach of Brazilian team Bernardinho

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Captain Giba added: "Brazil played one of the best matches today because it was like a final and I know what happens in the head of the Brazilian players. They were very concentrated and played a great match in every fundamental. Japan played very good in the second and third sets but we have a little bit more experience in taking the moments in the set to win the game."

Final standingRankCountryPointsWonLostSetsPrize money1Brazil105015:3300 000 USD2Cuba94114:7150 000 USD3Japan8329:11125 000 USD4Poland7239:10100 000 USD5Iran6148:1475 000 USD6Egypt5055:1550 000 USD

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