CMLL Arena Mexico iPPV results: Grand Prix torneo cibernetico

Images: CMLL  

Mexico against the world was the theme for the Grand Prix lucha libre show over the weekend featuring outside talent from Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Diamante Azul won the 2017 Grand Prix as the sole survivor of the torneo cibernetico in Arena Mexico on Friday night. Michael Elgin was a standout performer in the elimination match having survived much of the gauntlet. Big Mike was the last one eliminated as the Canadian powerhouse dropped the deciding fall to Azul.

Matt Taven averted disaster when he took a botched move during the cibernetico. Taven somehow was able to continue the match — and he even did some flying moves after being momentarily shaken up on an ugly landing.

In arguably the best match on the show, the push of Soberano Jr. continued in a trios match where he teamed with Mistico & Caristico. They faced a rudo team captained by Negro Casas alongside Cavernario & Felino.

During the women’s trios bout, Princesa Sugehit and Zeuxis continued to heat up their feud ahead of the mask match between them at the upcoming anniversary show.

For a card with only four matches, the show was loaded with talent. One of those matches was a marathon with the foreign outsiders against the Mexican team. With that having so much outside talent, star power was also spread across the undercard. Main event legends even found themselves in the opener captaining teams featuring the next generation.

Sanson, Cuatrero & captain Mascara Ano 2000 defeated The Panther, Blue Panther Jr. & captain Blue Panther

The rudo Los Dinamitas ganged up on each of the tecnico Panthers to win the first fall. They first dispatched The Panther with double flying axe handles. They sent Panther Jr. to the outside — knocking him off the apron with triple superkicks. With his sons unable to save him, Blue Panther was the next prey for the triple-team onslaught by Los Dinamitas.

Panther received a beatdown and a fireman’s carry slam. After also taking a flying legdrop, Mascara Anos submitted the tecnico team captain with an octopus stretch. That gave the rudos an early advantage.

The second fall went much quicker as the tecnicos made a comeback. Blue Panther led the charge for his sons to twice execute stereo tilt-a-whirl backbreakers, do two Frankensteiners, and score a double pinfall to even the match. The Panther pinned Mascara Anos while Panther Jr. pinned Cuatrero.

The tecnicos ran wild in the third fall, though the rudos were eventually able to cut them off. Cuatrero eliminated Panther Jr. via pinfall after he and Sanson did a springboard version of Demolition’s finisher. The Panther swooped in with a missile dropkick to pin Cuatrero, eliminating him. That took the match into sudden death with the teams having two eliminations apiece.

Perched on the top rope, Sanson lifted The Panther into a super Olympic slam. Sanson then pinned him for the rudos to win the match.

Amapola, Dalys & captain Zeuxis defeated Silueta, Marcela & captain Princesa Sugehit

The focus of the women’s trios match was building anticipation for the upcoming mask match between Princesa Sugehit and Zeuxis at the anniversary show in two weeks time. They brawled during the match, and they each tore up the other’s mask.

Zeuxis attacked Sugehit on the entrance ramp during the introductions as her ruda cohorts rushed the ring. The ruda captain pinned the tecnica captain in the first fall. Zeuxis hit Sugehit with leaping double knee strikes for the pin.

Before the second fall began, Zeuxis unmasked Sugehit. Dalys helped Zeuxis in tearing the mask to shreds. Sugehit went backstage to retrieve a replacement for her torn up mask, leaving the rudas with a three-on-two advantage for much of the second fall.

With a new mask, Sugehit returned to lead a comeback for the tecnicas. Silueta tied up Amapola to eliminate her via submission. Meanwhile, Marcela used a victory roll in scoring a pinfall on Dalys to win the second fall for the tecnicas.

Between falls, Sugehit pulled off Zeuxis’ mask and ripped it to pieces. Zeuxis had to retrieve another mask. When Zeuxis returned, she hit Sugehit with a dive through the ropes that sent Sugehit over the barricade and into the first row at ringside.

The rudas went on to win the match with simultaneous pinfalls. After stereo dropkicks, Dalys pinned Silueta and Amapola pinned Marcela in winning the third fall.

Soberano Jr., Caristico & captain Mistico defeated Barbaro Cavernario, Felino & captain Negro Casas

The tecnico teammates had the Game of Thrones theme for their entrances. They would go on to win the match by capturing the first and third falls. In two quick falls, the team captains were both pinned using la magistral cradles minutes into the match.

The faction known as La Peste Negra (“The Black Plague”) gained an early advantage. Rudo fans loudly chanted for Casas at the outset of the first fall. To their delight, Casas quickly scored the pin on Mistico when he cradled the opposing captain with la magistral. The rudos went up by a fall in under two minutes.

The second fall lasted a few minutes longer than the brief first one. The tecnicos launched into a comeback as Soberano leapt over the ropes with a Fosbury Flop to the outside. Mistico did his signature swan dive off the top turnbuckle. Caristico then cradled Casas with la magistral.

High-flying kicked off the third fall with Soberano doing a stage dive off the entrance set. The flying continued as Mistico and Caristico joined in the aerial assault. The flying then gave way to the finish.

Soberano eliminated Felino by pinning him with a corkscrew plancha. Cavernario then eliminated Soberano by submitting him with La Cavernaria. Mistico flew in to catch Cavernario and apply La Mistica to win the match via submission.

Following the fourth match was a break in the action for the opening ceremony of the Grand Prix. Upon introducing the participants in the Grand Prix, designations divided everyone by their native country and promotion affiliations.

Diamante Azul, Rush, Dragon Lee, Euforia, Mephisto, Ultimo Guerrero, Valiente, and Volador Jr. were representing Mexico against the rest of the world.

Team USA was Kenny King (ROH), Juice Robinson (NJPW), Matt Taven (ROH), and CMLL regular Sam Adonis

American Marco Corleone was kayfabe representing Italy. Johnny Idol repped his native New Zealand. Satoshi Kojima (NJPW) represented Japan. Last but not least, Michael Elgin (NJPW) was the pride of Canada.

Diamante Azul won the 2017 Gran Prix

The cibernetico match was basically a tag team elimination match that ended with Azul as the sole survivor.

For several minutes, everybody took turns tagging in and out. Suddenly, the ring filled as decorum broke down and a rumble erupted. The wild brawling gave way to Rush and Dragon Lee — two brothers on the same side for once — doing a tranquilo spot together in unison.  

Dragon Lee faced off with Johnny Idol to decide the first elimination. Lee executed a Spanish Fly to eliminate Idol via pinfall.

Volador Jr. and Sam Adonis squared off, with Adonis waving his American flag emblazoned with the face of Donald Trump. After giving Volador a Michinoku Driver, Adonis draped the Trump banner over him. Adonis then climbed the turnbuckles, and Volador cut him off to set up a super Frankensteiner. Volador then pinned Adonis to eliminate him.

Euforia got a near fall with a pumphandle facebuster — only for Kenny King to springboard into a blockbuster to pin Euforia for an elimination.

The scary spot came when Matt Taven faced off with Mephisto. They were perched on the ropes when Mephisto hooked Taven in a double underhook suplex. They went for a move off the top, then Taven crashed down landing very badly on his head and neck.

Miraculously, Taven recovered and continued the match. Taking a page from the Art Barr playbook, Taven jumped off the top rope into a frog splash to pin Mephisto.

A heel trio of Taven, Elgin, and Robinson ganged up on Ultimo Guerrero. Volador jumped in to make the save when Marco Corleone tried to pick the bones.

Rush jumped in to hit Corleone with a running dropkick in a corner. Rush then pinned Corleone for an elimination.

Volador did a comedy spot with Taven where he played him on a handshake like a matador would toy with a bull. The crowd chanted “ole” like they were watching a bullfight. Taven antagonized Dragon Lee, and got sent to the floor with a hurricanrana off the apron.

Juice Robinson caught Dragon Lee to deliver a powerbomb. Lee kicked out, only for Robinson to hit a somersault DDT. Robinson followed that with Pulp Friction to eliminate Lee via pinfall.

For the next elimination, Valiente submitted Kenny King with a modified Indian Deathlock.

Rush and Big Mike squared off. Elgin delivered a sit-out suplex bomb, but Rush grabbed the referee’s hand to stop the count. Rush fired up on Elgin as he hit the running corner dropkick. The ref tried to separate them in the corner, and Rush shoved him down for a disqualification.

Rush argued with the referee for a moment before he begrudgingly left to accept his DQ.

Taven and Ultimo Guerrero briefly renewed their rivalry. After using a twisting neckbreaker, Taven climbed the ropes. That set up a signature Ultimo Guerrero spot. After landing a Guerrero Special (reverse superplex), Guerrero covered Taven to eliminate him.

Kojima hit Valiente with a lariat to pin him for another elimination.

Robinson had a final showdown with Volador, kicking out for a near fall. He went for Pulp Friction, but Volador countered with a superkick and a lungblower to score a pinfall that eliminated Robinson.

Big Mike went about dissecting Volador. Elgin picked him into a deadlift vertical suplex, then he rotated it into a falcon arrow. When Elgin scored the pin for the elimination, Volador saved some face by getting a shoulder up just a split-second after the ref counted three.

Down to the final four, Ultimo Guerrero and Kojima started throwing lariats at each other. Kojima took a super powerbomb and kicked out. Moments later, Kojima submitted to Pulpo Guerrero for an elimination. That left three remaining in the match.

Big Mike did a running flip dive that popped the crowd. Elgin went on to lift Ultimo Guerrero for a Razor’s Edge into a sit-out powerbomb. Elgin pinned Guerrero for the second-to-last elimination.

The final two combatants were Elgin and Diamante Azul. Elgin got over with the crowd, and being one of the finalists maybe helped cement that. Azul mainly only factored into the match at its conclusion, besides being there in some spots along the way.

Elgin suplexed Azul on the entrance ramp, and Azul still fought back with a running leap over the ropes into a flying clothesline. Azul also did a run down the ramp and leapt into a senton.

Elgin cut off Azul to give him a Death Valley Driver on the apron. He then delivered a superplex for a near fall.

Azul avoided a lariat and used a bridging German suplex to score the deciding fall on Elgin, winning the 2017 Grand Prix.

Pyrotechnics went off as Azul celebrated. Elgin snatched the trophy away, and teased doing something heelish like Bad News at WrestleMania in 1988. Instead, Elgin himself presented the trophy to Azul. They shook hands and Elgin congratulated him.

Confetti shot into the air and fluttered down to the ring. Azul stayed momentarily to soak in the moment before walking around ringside to pose for selfies with fans.

The Grand Prix card streamed live as an iPPV via iTV. A replay of the show is available for $10 USD. Pair the Grand Prix show with a preorder of the 84th Aniversario for $20 USD, which saves $5 because the anniversary show alone will cost $15 USD if ordered by itself.

In two weeks time on September 16th is the 84th anniversary show, headlined by a doubleheader featuring two mask vs. mask matches. The days draw closer approaching the biggest show of the year for CMLL in Arena Mexico.