Cross Teases a Change, Sponsor on Lars, Network Leaving Devices

WWE Superstar Nikki Cross has not been on the main roster for too long, but it appears that the former SAnitY member may already be contemplating changing her character around. Cross was officially added to the Raw roster after going undrafted in the Superstar Shakeup, and after losing to Peyton Royce on Main Event this week, Cross teased coming back to the ring with a new attitude. Cross was interviewed backstage following her loss when she stated that it may be time for her to “step out of the dark” and “take a long, good, hard look in the mirror.” It will be interesting to see what Cross has planned for her next match on WWE television. SAnitY was officially broken up in the Superstar Shakeup, so perhaps it is time for the Scottish wrestler to make a change.

The situation involving WWE Superstar Lars Sullivan is continuing to grow with each passing day. After the controversial posts that he made on a bodybuilding forum before joining WWE resurfaced this week, wrestlers like Big E and Kalisto have commented on what Sullivan said. One of WWE’s own sponsors has now chimed in on the matter. According to a Reddit user, he was sent an email from the Mars Wrigley Confectionery stating that the company is appealed by his statements and they have “urged WWE to discuss the situation” and take appropriate action against Sullivan for what was said. Mars creates M&Ms, Twix, Skittles, and Snickers bars, the latter of which has sponsored several WWE events over the years.


It has just been announced that the WWE Network will no longer be available on a couple of different platforms starting soon. In an email sent to WWE Network subscribers this week, it was noted that the network will be pulled from the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Amazon Fire Tablets, 3G Apple devices and all earlier models, LG devices from 2016 and earlier, Samsung devices from 2016 or earlier, non-Android Sony TVs, Samsung and Sony Blu-Ray Players, and Windows 10 Desktops. The developers of these platforms have stopped updating them, which is why the network can no longer be supported on them. The WWE Network will officially be gone from all of these platforms starting on May 21st.

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