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UFC on ESPN 9 live results: Tyron Woodley vs. Gilbert Burns
WWE bans use of the buckle bomb
WWE SmackDown draws best viewership in more than a month
Brian Cage set for action on AEW Dynamite
WWE SmackDown video highlights: Hit-and-run, Bryan vs. Sheamus
WWE 205 Live results: Danny Burch vs. Tehuti Miles
Daniel Bryan to face AJ Styles in WWE IC title tournament finals
Women’s Tag Team title match announced for WWE SmackDown
WWE confirms Matt Riddle’s call-up to SmackDown

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WOL: A tale of two Hardy Boys, the 80s return in WWE 5/30

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WON NEWSLETTER: June 1, 2020 Observer Newsletter: Death of Hana Kimura Dave Meltzer covers a sad week for pro wrestling, reviews AEW Double or Nothing, and more.

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WWE uploaded the trailer for “Sting: The Lost Tape,” which premieres on demand on the WWE Network tomorrow at 10 a.m. Eastern time. It will also air on the WWE Network live stream at 8 p.m. Eastern tomorrow. WWE Network News reported that the run time for the special is 27:03, with that also including Sting’s Lights Out match against Big Bubba Rogers from Slamboree 1995. The special follows Sting on the day of that PPV.
Sasha Banks honored Hana Kimura and The New Day honored Shad Gaspard with armbands they wore on SmackDown last night.
Writer Abraham Riesman announced that he’s working on a biography of Vince McMahon: “I come bearing good news: I’m writing another book! This one’s a biography of Vince McMahon, the emperor of professional wrestling. It’s for @simonandschuster’s @atriabooks imprint. Release date TBD, but I’d guess 2022. Many thanks to my amazing agent, @rossharris1, and my tremendous editor, @amardeol. Wish me luck!” Riesman also wrote “True Believer: The Rise and Fall of Stan Lee,” which is set to be released this September.
Titus O’Neil, Batista, police chief Brian Dugan, and sheriff Chad Chronister had an hour-long conversation on Instagram today about the murder of George Floyd, racism, police brutality, and changes that need to be made.
Bianca Belair and Montez Ford have started a website called The Culture Connection. Their mission is to “advocate, learn, share, interact, and promote positivity. We want to assist those who want to take action, advocate, learn, and more but don’t know where to look or start. We aim to create a space for ALL who are interested in taking action by providing an array of information that brings awareness to opportunities to volunteer, advocate, & donate in regards to current issues and events affecting Black people. We also promote educating & re-educating yourself & others by providing book suggestions, videos, documentaries, news, articles, facts, etc. that we feel touch on Black culture, history, entertainment, issues, & topics. We are an open organization that depends on the interaction and input from others. If you have any information in regards to petitions, donations, events, community service, books, documentaries, videos, etc. that we can promote and bring awareness to please contact us and share!”
Mustafa Ali wrote about George Floyd’s murder: “I’m a former police officer. I joined the force because I believed the only real way to bring change to policing is from within. I remember being told “empathy will get you killed.” No, lack of empathy allows you to kill. We have to change policing from within. And like always, there’s going to be some comment about ‘you were part of the problem.’ No. I saw the problem and did something to combat it. Countless times, I showed up and put a stop to any sort of harassment/excessive force. You can’t change anything sitting behind a screen. The point of all this is simple; society and specifically our African American brothers and sisters have a justifiable distrust with the police. It’s the responsibility of the police to fix that issue but they won’t. Thus, it is on us,as a society to force that change from within”
Apollo Crews spoke to TalkSport about the success he’s found on Raw: “That’s what I felt like too. It felt like I was doing a lot of floating around. I did stuff here and there but nothing I could ever really dig my teeth into or show what I’m really capable of. I was given opportunities, but I don’t feel like I was ever given anything I could, or even the fans could latch onto. There’s no reason for them to really like me. Its like ‘Oh yeah, here’s this cool guy. This big guy who can do cool moves and cool stuff in the ring, but why do we want to like this guy,’ you know what I mean? But now I feel like I’m in a situation where I can show how I would react in a certain situation and show I do have more than a smile or cool moves in the ring. So, it’s a great opportunity I’m taking full advantage of.”
Adam Cole’s one year as NXT Champion celebration will take place on WWE’s Twitter account at 2 p.m. Eastern time tomorrow.
Alexa Bliss spoke to BT Sport about the concussion issues she’s dealt with during her career.
Sportskeeda has an interview with Drew McIntyre.
In an interview with TMZ, Triple H was asked if WWE would be interested in working with Daniel Cormier in some capacity after his MMA career. “I love Daniel. We’ve obviously talked a lot in the past. We’ve had conversations about him doing stuff with us in the past whether that’s in-ring or whether that’s commentary or doing different things,” Triple H said. “I think we’d love to do something with him if the time is right — obviously, respectful to UFC and to Dana and everything else. We’d love to chat with him and we have an open relationship as far as communication so I’m sure shortly we will when he figures out what he wants to do.”
WWE posted a storyline injury update on Elias after last night’s hit-and-run angle: “WWE Digital has learned that Elias is in the hospital and has suffered broken ribs and a torn pectoral muscle after last night’s hit-and-run attack. After initially being apprehended, WWE Digital reported last night that Jeff Hardy was released from custody by the Orlando police after successfully passing the required sobriety tests. Hardy was absolved of the charges of public intoxication, driving under the influence, and the hit-and-run on Elias earlier tonight. Stay tuned to WWE social and digital platforms as the situation continues to develop.”
Other Wrestling
Thunder Rosa paid tribute to Hana Kimura and members of the NWA women’s division discussed cyber bullying and mental health on the first episode of NWA Girl Power.
Jon Moxley posted a picture of his bruised tailbone injury.
Today is Jake “The Snake” Roberts’ 65th birthday.
Dana White gave an update on Conor McGregor’s potential July return: “Unless there’s an absolute miracle and the world turns around in the next three months, which I don’t see happening — people are crazy right now over this thing — I don’t know (if McGregor will fight). I don’t know anymore. Since this thing started, I’ve been trying to get ahead of it and get ahead of it and get ahead of it. And every time we thought we got ahead of it, the next day it would change. I’m not going to sit here and act like now that it’s all starting to come back, I know what’s going to happen 30 days from now, because I don’t. I’m in the same boat as everybody else. I’m just trying to think ahead and figure this thing out and be aggressive – be aggressive, but be smart about it.I highly doubt (McGregor will lower his asking price to fight). I’ve got guys hammering me for more money right now. Apparently they don’t watch the news and know we’re in a pandemic. That isn’t their problem.”
White said the UFC will miss out on over $100 million in live gates this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.
McGregor ranked 16th on this year’s Forbes highest-paid athletes list.
Curtis Blaydes vs. Alexander Volkov will remain the main event of the UFC’s Fight Night show on June 20 after being rebooked for the same date. The show has been moved from Saskatoon to the UFC’s Apex facility in Las Vegas.

Daily Pro Wrestling History: Terry Gordy becomes first UWF Heavyweight Champion


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