John Cena on If He Will Get A Haircut Before WWE Return

16-time World Champion John Cena recently appeared on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote the new “Bumblebee” Transformers spin-off movie, which hits theaters this weekend. Cena also recently returned to late night TV with an appearance on NBC’s Late Night with Seth Myers program. Cena also recently made his return to NBC’s “Today” show as a co-host, then he will help light up The Empire State Building in New York City later on tonight, turning the building yellow for Bumblebee and to “celebrate the commitment of brightening kids’ lives” with Make-A-Wish.
Below is a video of Cena talking to Kimmel about his new hair style. Kimmel said that he heard some fans don’t like the change but Cena indicated that it has been a little more than just a few fans.
“So here’s the deal, I’ve been playing a character in WWE for 15 years now, and I’ve looked the exact same,” Cena said. “Then I left to go to China for about 6 months and I came back with this, and literally it has caused a title wave of emotional upheaval. I’ve literally ruined people’s childhoods. I know you do ‘Mean Tweets’ and every day it’s just a barrage of ‘change back, you look ridiculous, you ruined my life!’ I’m just trying to figure my life out, i don’t know what the hell’s going on.”

Cena first got the haircut for The Project X-traction Movie with Jackie Chan but he has no plans on getting a cut before The WWE ring return. Cena is looking forward to the reaction he receives.
“No,” Cena said when asked if he will get a cut before MSG. “Because the thing I like about the WWE is they’re very vocal, and very excited. So when I go to Madison Square Garden looking like an accountant, not so much a thin one, they’re going to raise hell. So it’s going to be great, I just want to see what happens. … I don’t know what they’re going to do.”
Cena also revealed that he plans on spending time with family for Christmas from December 22nd through December 25th. He will return to the ring for WWE on December 26th at The Madison Square Garden Live Event. Cena even talked about getting rough with his four brothers and what it was like growing up.

“At the Cena household, any given day you could win or you could lose,” Cena said. “We’re all so close in age that we always fought and it was never a lock. I really thank my brothers and I love them to death, and we talk about this often when we reminisce. They taught me how to lose a fight, they taught me humility, they taught me failure, and they taught me how to cuss. So I’m very grateful for that.”
Below are the videos of Cena talking to Kimmel about his “Elbow Grease” book for kids, working at Gold’s Gym years ago, the new Bumblebee movie and more. The second video also includes a clip of Cena in the Transformers spin-off that hits theaters this weekend.

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