KELLER’S WWE HALL OF FAME SEGMENT REPORT 4/6: John Cena and Dana Warrior introduce Sue Aitchison, fans boo Justin Bieber reference


PWTorch editor Wade Keller presents a special Thursday Flagship edition of the Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast featuring a WrestleMania 36 Preview with ex-WWE Creative Team member and professional stand-up comedian Matt McCarthy.

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APRIL 6 2019

SUE AITCHISON – Inducted by Dana Warrior and John Cena

Dana Warrior spoke first. She then introduced John Cena. Cena came out to his music and was booed. There was also a weak scattered “Cena” chant. Fans chanted “Face Kurt Angle!” at Cena loudly for a stretch of nearly a minute. He smiled and said, “I believe I’ve wondered into the audience participation section of the program.”

As he began to talk about meeting Sue early in his career, fans began a “Let’s Go Cena! / Cena sucks!” chant. Cena seemed more irritated than amused, but broke into a smile. “I’m very fortunate for the newfound energy in the building tonight. Thank you guys for showing up.” He continued, calling her tireless, selfish, and amazing. He credited her for WWE and him having a relationship with Make-a-Wish.

“How can I help?” he said is her philosophy.

He continued: “Now that I know there is energy in the building, it is with great pride I ask for your help right now in welcoming an amazing human being who I admire and inspires me every day.”

Aitchison then walked out in a great dress and high heels that were tough to balance on apparently on the ramp. Rey Mysterio ran up to help her keep her balance on the last few feet.

She joked about how in addition to preparing for her speech, she had to deal with the logistics of getting the inductees organized and dealing with their hotel requests.

She praised wrestlers who have been so good with charity work. She said Justin Bieber claimed to do more Make-a-Wish moments than anyone. The crowd booed. She said she called Make-a-Wish and they confirmed Cena is head. “I might make TMZ with that comment,” she said. Cena was laughing in the background.

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