Lars On Being In Reigns’ Yard Now: “I’ll Take A Dump In His Yard”

As previously reported, Lars Sullivan is now a member of The SmackDown LIVE Roster as part of the recently concluded Superstar Shakeup
In an update, Sullivan responded to some fans on his official Instagram page on Thursday where he spoke about the move to the blue brand, his goals to be WWE Champion and more.
Sullivan noted that he expects to be WWE Champion on SmackDown LIVE within 18 months.
When asked who he has his sights set on now that he is part of The SmackDown LIVE Roster, Sullivan responded, “Good question. I’ll make my final decision as SmackDown is starting this Tuesday.”
Sullivan also had an interesting response to a fan who warned him that he is now in “The Big Dog’s” yard as Roman Reigns was also moved from Monday Night RAW to SmackDown LIVE as part of The 2019 WWE Superstar Shakeup.
In response to that comment, Sullivan said, “I’ll take a dump in his yard.”
You can check out Lars Sullivan’s comments on his Instagram post below:

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