Latest on NXT UK & Who May be Running It, Hardy Compound Update

WWE announced during the United Kingdom Championship Tournament special earlier this year that there will be a new weekly show taking place in the UK starting later this year. Tapings for NXT UK are already underway, but WWE has yet to announce a premiere date for the new series. However, an interesting update has just been provided on the future of NXT UK. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the plan is for NXT UK to begin airing on Wednesday nights in the time slot that the Mae Young Classic currently occupies once that tournament comes to an end in a few weeks. BT Sport reportedly had interest in running the show on their pay-per-view channel, but WWE decided against this.
That is not the only takeaway from the Observer as it was also reported that PROGRESS Wrestling’s Jim Smallman will be heavily involved in the production of NXT UK. Smallman could be one of the leaders running the new WWE series once it begins airing on the WWE Network and especially if it expands into live events for the brand. That same report also notes that WWE now owns the tape library for both PROGRESS Wrestling and Insane Championship Wrestling, so it is possible that both UK promotions could be added to the WWE Network at some point in the near future. Advertisements for the launch of NXT UK are currently airing on the WWE Network, so expect the new series to begin very soon.
As reported earlier this week, WWE Superstar Matt Hardy alerted fans on social media that his home in Cameron, North Carolina was badly flooded, damaged, and left in a state of disrepair after a hurricane swept through the area. This is the same home that was used as The Hardy Compound during Matt’s days as “Broken/Woken” Matt Hardy. He recently took to Twitter to show some images of his home gym from after the huge storm took place. He said that Señor Benjamin (Matt’s father-in-law) has been assisting the Hardy family with repairing the house. Matt Hardy has said that he has likely retired from wrestling, but it is still possible that he could return for more matches before his WWE contract expires in March 2019 if his injuries heal up in time.

The LOYAL & INCOMPARABLE Señor Benjamin has been doing 16 hours workdays at The Hardy Compound since Saturday.