Lucha Underground results: Rey Mysterio vs. PJ Black

Season 3 — Episode 28: “Booyaka! Booyaka!”

Rey Mysterio battled PJ Black in the main event of the latest episode of Lucha Underground as the build continues for a title match with Mysterio challenging Johnny Mundo in four weeks time.

The second round of the Cueto Cup tournament also wrapped up with the quarterfinals set to air in the next few weeks. Aerostar tried to save his former friend Drago from the clutches of Pentagon Dark as well. For his troubles, Aerostar had his arm broken.  

Texano defeated The Mack to advance in the Cueto Cup

The match was back and forth at the outset as they wrestled to a stalemate. They built to Mack doing a dive through the ropes to the outside. From there, Mack was under control getting in a lot of offense since he was losing. Texano cut him off briefly.

They exchanged chops, and the crowd would shush each other before they went silent. That allowed the chops to echo through The Temple. Mack gave Texano a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on the floor. Mack sold it just as much as Texano as they struggled to break the count by getting in the ring.

Mack looked to finish off Texano when Famous B ran in wearing a cowboy hat and Nudie suit while brandishing a water pistol. He squirted Mack with water, and Mack gave him a stunner. However, that distraction allowed Texano to deliver a sit-out powerbomb for the pinfall.

Somewhere at a bar in the city, Son of Madness confronted Son of Havoc. Havoc told Madness he would not go back to face their motorcycle club called the Invisible Cult.

“Not after what happened,” Havoc said.

A fight between them broke out as they kept bickering. Madness eventually left — but not before he told Havoc that he would return to the club one way or another.

In another scene, Mascarita Sagrada brought a gift for the White Rabbit Tribe. Paul London and his cohorts bowed down to Sagrada as London apologized for failing Sagrada in the tournament. Sagrada gave them the gift, seemingly as a peace offering.

Sagrada left as the Tribe opened the gift. Inside was a note that read “hope this brings you better luck” along with a rabbit’s foot for luck. They all shrieked and freaked out at the rabbit’s foot.  

Pentagon Dark defeated Drago (w/ Kobra Moon) to advance in the Cueto Cup

Kobra Moon led Drago to the ring by a chain leash. The match was the first meeting between the two in Lucha Underground, and it was quite exciting.

They began by doing chain lucha that led into a corkscrew flip dive to the outside by Drago. Pentagon soon thereafter cut off Drago by giving him an exploder into a corner. Drago recovered to get a few near falls before Pentagon once again cut him off.

Drago made yet another comeback to hit a blockbuster for a two count. Pentagon countered with a Penta Driver for a near fall. Drago somehow fought back with a tornado DDT, but Pentagon kicked out on a cover.

Drago executed a super Frankensteiner and followed with a splash for another near fall. Pentagon regrouped to deliver a Canadian Destroyer, and Drago miraculously kicked out on a pinning attempt.

For the finish, Pentagon delivered a package piledriver to score the deciding pinfall. After the match, Pentagon went to break the arm of Drago. Kobra Moon tried to stop him, but Pentagon dropped her with a superkick. Aerostar then ran in to make a save as he gave Pentagon a sunset bomb.

Aerostar confronted his former friend and tried to shake his hand, but Drago kicked him in the gut and gave Aerostar a swinging facebuster. As Drago left the scene, an angry Pentagon made Aerostar pay for making the save. Pentagon snapped the arm of Aerostar, presumably breaking it.

During a backstage scene in a hallway, Catrina confronted Pentagon Dark to warn him that Mil Muertes seeks revenge on him. Responding to the threat, Pentagon did the “cero miedo” hand sign, signifying he had zero fear.

Catrina basically threatened death upon Pentagon before she disappeared from the hallway. Pentagon shook his head looking undeterred.

Rey Mysterio defeated PJ Black

The match kicked off with fast-paced exchanges and counters. Mysterio sent Black outside with a headscissors to set up a dive. Black caught Mysterio and gave him a torture rack drop at ringside. Back in the ring, Black briefly shined up Mysterio for a comeback.

Mysterio teased a 619, but Black countered with a superkick. A headscissors by Mysterio once again sent Black to the outside. Mysterio did an Asai moonsault to the floor. Springboarding back into the ring, Mysterio dropped Black with a West Coast Pop.

Mysterio was putting together a flurry of offense when he climbed the turnbuckles. Black tripped him up and Mysterio became caught in the tree-of-woe. That led to a Del Rio double foot stomp by Black for a near fall. Moments later, Black countered a Frankensteiner and hit a Styles Clash. Mysterio kicked out at two.

As Mysterio was doing a tilt-a-whirl, his legs struck referee Marty Elias. With the ref down, Johnny Mundo ran in to attack Mysterio. Mundo and Black both held Mysterio in a delayed vertical suplex as Jack Evans also ran in to hit Mysterio with a superkick.

Dragon Azteca ran down to make a save. Taya tripped him up, dragged Azteca out of the ring, and rammed him into a barricade. That took place as Black rolled over to cover Mysterio. A groggy ref counted, but Mysterio kicked out. Mysterio then made a comeback to deliver a 619, followed by a springboard splash to score the pinfall.

Mysterio cut a promo on Mundo after the match. He told Mundo in Spanish that “you won’t be able to run your whole life.” Mysterio vowed to win the Lucha Underground Championship and promised to give Mundo a 619. The show closed with Mysterio posing to the crowd.

The next several episodes have the Cueto Cup quarterfinals:

Pentagon vs. Texano
Mil Muertes vs. Jeremiah Crane
Fenix vs. Pindar
Dante Fox vs. Prince Puma