Marty Scurll Denies All In Rumor, Ellsworth Update, New BTE Show

Bullet Club member Marty Scurll took on Kazuchika Okada at the All In event this past weekend in what turned out to be one of the longer matches on the show. As most fans know by now, the main event of All In had to be shortened quite a bit so that it could All In would be over before their pay-per-view deadline came to an end. During an appearance on Sean Mooney’s Prime Time podcast, Scurll took the time to confirm that the rumors of his match against Okada going too long, thus resulting in the main event being cut down in length are untrue. Scurll said that his match against Okada only went about one minute longer than it was supposed to be, but the main issue with the main event can be attributed to the rest of the show. “People were saying like 14 minutes over. No, the show ran 14 minutes over.” Scurll said.
As reported earlier this week, former WWE Superstar James Ellsworth was backstage at WWE’s SmackDown show in Detroit, Michigan this past Tuesday night. Although Ellsworth was “fired” from WWE by Paige earlier this year, he and the company obviously have a strong relationship, but why was Ellsworth backstage if he did not make an appearance during this week’s show? According to PWInsider, Ellsworth was brought in to film some new material for an upcoming WWE project. The belief is that the material featuring Ellsworth is related to the women’s division. This could mean that Ellsworth’s footage will be used at the Evolution pay-per-view in October or a different WWE Network program, but it is unknown what exactly it will be used for as of now.
Being the Elite is back once again with its 118th episode, and as fans probably expected, this episode of the show focuses on the All In event that was produced by cast members Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks over the weekend. This new episode of Being the Elite is the longest one that has been released so far as it clocks in at just a little over 47 minutes. Some footage from backstage and during the All In event has been included in the new episode of Being the Elite, and all of the regulars are featured on the show as well. As speculation on future All In events continues to build, fans of The Elite can relive all of the excitement from the successful All In event in the new video posted down below:

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