Michael Elgin Sues Woman Accusing Him Of Sexual Assault

Michael Elgin has filed a defamation lawsuit against the woman accusing him of trying to cover up a sexual assault by a former employee. Elgin’s lawyer announced the lawsuit in a press release, announcing that he had filed a suit against the woman after he was accused of trying to cover up the assault, which she says came at the hands of former Glory Pro wrestler Sean Orleans. Elgin reportedly didn’t fire Orleans until the claims by the woman were made public despite knowing beforehand.
Elgin sold Glory Pro following criticism over the allegations, and was removed from several bookings.
The announcement reads:

Michael Elgin has filed suit against an individual who has defamed him and wrongfully invaded his privacy, according to the petition filed in the Warren County, Missouri, Circuit Court on February 9th. Elgin, whose legal name is Aaron Frobel, has sued a wrestling fan who uses the name “Moses Malone” on Twitter, claiming that she has lied about the nature of their relationship, falsely stated that he is “abusive” and a “predator,” and falsely stated that he engaged in a “cover-up” of a sexual assault. The lawsuit also alleges that Malone, whose real name is [______________], has placed him in a false light by wrongly associating his name with men who sexually assault women and in opposition to the “Me Too” movement, and publicly disclosed private facts.
“It is really unfortunate it has come to this,” said Elgin’s lawyer, Steven Kratky. “Some claims Ms. [_______] is making about my client are flat-out lies and misleading falsehoods. Mike really struggled with this decision, but ultimately realized that he had no other choice to conclusively establish the truth and clear his name,” he continued. Kratky went on to say that all other attempts to set the record straight had failed, and that his client is not motivated by money. “Look, Mike is only suing to establish the truth: that he is not an abuser, did not abuse Ms. [_______], and did not cover-up a sexual assault,” Kratky said. “The only way to properly do that is through the judicial process, and Mike looks forward to that and putting this whole sad business behind him.”

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