Mike Kanellis Talks Addiction, Recovery & Rebirth (Video)

WWE has released an in-depth interview with Mike and Maria Kanellis speaking to Renee Young about his battle with addition.
Mike talks about initially being prescribed pain medication for an injury four years ago and the path that led him to abusing the pills and taking them recreationally. After working so hard for over a decade to land his dream job with WWE, he nearly lost it all.
When Mike became withdrawn during the throws of his struggle, Maria feared that she was the problem and has heard similar stories from the partners of addicts. When Mike finally came clean, Maria said she and her family were caught completely off guard because she didn’t think he looked or acted “like an addict.”

With Mike and Maria expecting their first child, he’s now more committed than ever to a life of sobriety for himself, his wife and their family.
You can watch the full interview below:
WWE Superstars Maria & Mike Kanellis sit down with Renee Young to talk openly about Mike’s decision to get clean from prescription drugs.

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