More Details on Backstage Heat on Enzo Amore; Another Incident

For the past few weeks, Enzo Amore has been getting a lot of heat backstage with a number of incidents that have been happening due to him and his attitude. Some of the incidents include Enzo Amore being kicked off the bus, being barred from changing in the wrestlers’ locker room and Enzo bringing unquestionable guest who are taking videos and pictures of talent backstage. 
Recently, Enzo was involved again in another incident where he was heard talking extremely loud on his phone to someone saying things that were perceived to be negative towards the wrestling business, while also bragging about how much he was makes from wrestling.
During the recent match between Big Cass and Big Show which happened last week on Raw, Corey Graves made a comment about Enzo not being a big tipper. This was reportedly another backstage dig at Enzo which came after a stripper complained about Enzo in Los Angeles who stated that Enzo wasn’t a big tipper.

Many WWE officials believe that Enzo is headed down a path of complete failure, especially because Vince McMahon was never high on him from the very beginning. McMahon reportedly thought Amore is a huge joke and McMahon got a kick out of making Enzo look like a fool on TV. Now that he is no longer teaming up with Cass, there is no assurance of what Enzo’s future will be with WWE.
Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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