Sami Zayn to miss rest of the year after shoulder surgeries on both shoulders, comments on timing of injuries, his recent mic work


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Sami Zayn is going to be out of action the rest of the year at least due to rotator cuff injuries to both shoulders. He already underwent surgery on his right shoulder and when that recovers he will have surgery on his left shoulder. He told the following:

I guess people don’t know about this injury; I’ve been working with it for some time. I don’t know exactly when I tore it. Ithink I tore it, or initially injured it, on a Montreal Live Event. Which is ironic because I injured my left shoulder — now somewhat famously — in Montreal in my [Raw] debut against John Cena. And at a Live Event this past August wrestling Jinder Mahal, I think I injured it then.

But then my left shoulder, a.k.a my bad shoulder, started to act up again as well. That shoulder hasn’t quite been the same since surgery anyway, so I had just kind of gotten used to the fact that that shoulder was the bad one. But it started to get progressively worse, so basically, long story short, it turns out I have two torn rotator cuffs. The left one and the right one are both torn. I just underwent surgery on the right one, and then in about six or seven weeks, I’ll be undergoing surgery on the left one, and hopefully I can come back healthy and happy…

Because of the timeline, I’d love to be in the mix for WrestleMania season; that’s the most exciting time of the year for all of us. I think timeline wise, I should be ready in time for WrestleMania, so fingers crossed.

He also said the timing isn’t great because he felt like he was hitting his stride as a character lately. He’s been playing an abrasive obnoxious heel, a sharp contrast to his character in NXT and early in his main roster WWE run. “There’s never a good time to get hurt or get surgeries, but I do feel like I was starting to hit my stride and find my voice and find myself as a performer,” he said. “Which is funny, because 16 years in, it’s like I’m rediscovering the art of it in a sense, because I’m doing something I’ve never really done before. So, how I come back, when I come back, that all remains to be seen.”

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