Strange situation in Greek volleyball league

Iraklis is out of play-off by decision of court for now. But Iraklis made appeal to the Greek court. The play-off will continue not waiting for the decision of second hearing.



In the last match for the playoff round in Thessaloniki between Iraklis and Aris there was an interruption of the game because of a stupid funs action who through a can of beer to the Aris player Nikos Roumeliotis. The Greek player (his team was losing 2-0) said that he could not continue playing and the game was interrupted. The referee stopped the game and the decision for the result of the match was given to the Greek courts. The court after listening both sides and watching the video of the game decided to penalize Iraklis team and give the opportunity to Aris to play in the next round. Iraklis team made appeal to the decision of the court but Greek Volleyball League decided to continue the games without waiting the final court decision.

Nobody’s knows what might happen in the Greek Championship if Iraklis team will win the second court. Of course this is very difficult because all the fans saw in the video of the game that Aris player Roumeliotis was really hit by can of beer in his arm. Although many people think he was pretending the seriousness of his injury.  

Greek league on Thursday decided set the first semi-final stage matches of the Play Offs on Monday, April 19 with the following schedule:
Glyfada, 17.30 (Novasports), Panathinaikos – Aris Marmouris AU
Redi, 20.00 (Novasports), Olympiakos – GS Lamia.

The same day (19.00) is the first match between EA Patron Plus and Panellinios for positions 5-8.  On Saturday there is the match between Kifisia and AEK for team that will follow Foinikas to the second League. We have to remind that AEK team was vindicated by the court and take back the points for not paying ex players. The same court next week will take the final decision for the game of Iraklis and Aris but the League decided not to wait because there is not enough time for the rest of the games. 
Iraklis announced on Friday the contact with the Greek middle blocker Gerasimos Kanelos who will continue to play to Thessaloniki’s team for the next year.

The Greek National team captain Roumeliotis in …. his best action.


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