Thieves make major wine heist at Michelin-starred Parisian restaurant through hole in the wall

Thieves have broken into the cellar of a top luxury restaurant in Paris and have made off with at least 150 bottles of prized wine estimated to be worth hundreds of thousands of euros, a police source said Tuesday.

Employees at the Maison Rostang restaurant in the northeastern 17th district near the Arc de Triomphe discovered a 50-centimetre (20-inch) hole in the wall of the winecellar that was made during the break-in on Monday, the source told AFP.  

The restaurant has two stars from the prestigious Michelin food guide and is described as having a "magnificent wine list" which includes bottles from the famed French vineyards of Petrus and Romanée-Conti, the world’s most expensive wine. 

The cellar is currently being renovated. The police source said the stolen wine could be worth as much as 400,000-€600,000 euros (£360,000-540,000).

In 2017, thieves stole 300 bottles of fine wines worth €250,000 from a cellar in central Paris after breaking into the trove of vintages from the catacombs, the maze of mainly off-limits tunnels under the French capital.

In 2017, thieves broke into a wine collector's Paris cellar via the catacombs and made off with €250,000 worth of bottlesCredit:
Michel Euler/AP

The apparently well-informed thieves broke first into the catacombs from one of many secret or sealed entrances around Paris before drilling a hole through the cellar wall of the property near the Luxembourg gardens – which houses the French Senate.

After stealing the grands crus, they quietly vanished back underground, said police.

In 2009, French police arrested a 44-year-old man on suspicion of having stolen more than 500 bottles of fine wine worth hundreds of thousands of euros from some of the best restaurants in Paris.

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