WWE Raw Rating for the “Raw After WrestleMania” including a sharp dropoff for the third hour, other key metrics


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Last night’s “Raw After WrestleMania” episode of WWE Monday Night Raw drew a 2.72 rating, the highest rating since the Raw anniversary show drew a 3.01 on January 22. It beat last year’s post-WM rating of 2.62, but the below the 2.93 from two years ago.

The viewership dropped sharply for the third hour compared to the first hour, 501,000 total. The first hour drew 4.098 million, this second hour held steady at 4.069, and then the third hour drew 3.597. The average dropoff this year from the first to the third hour is 443,000, but it had been under 300,000 the last two weeks.

The monthly average so far is 2.48. well above the previous three months of 2018 – 2.22, 2.18, and 2.29. The ten-week rolling averaged headed into this week was 2.22.