WWE RAW Talk Recap (2/25): Elimination Chamber Fallout Show

Renee Young and Peter Rosenberg welcomes us to the show and talks about the conclusion of The Men’s Elimination Chamber Match including Strowman’s domination & destruction as well as Reigns’ win. They briefly discuss The Women’s Elimination Chamber Match then Rosenberg says that he wants to see Sasha vs. Bayley at WrestleMania. They give props to Alexa Bliss on her win as well. It is being noted that Roman Reigns is being helped to the back and his status for the show is unknown.
A very distraught John Cena joins the show. Cena starts by almost talking about retiring but he says that he doesn’t want to let it go mentally or physically. He also says that by no means is he done, but he has been fortunate to be in the position he’s had for the last decade and a half. Cena brings up his hectic schedule at the age of 41 and all his different projects and goals. Cena then says that he feels like this may have been his last shot at WrestleMania and recalls his first trip to the show of shows where he didn’t have a match on the card. Cena attempts to convince himself that he is still a great competitor and in the best shape of his life. Cena ends the interview by saying that he may not have an opponent, but he may have a plan and that it may have to go outside the typical WWE etiquette to get on the card.
They move directly to a somewhat jovial Stephanie McMahon. Renee cuts to the chase and talks about Ronda Rousey putting Triple H through a table earlier in the night, followed by her slapping Rousey in the face. Stephanie says that Rousey needs to be managed, and also discredits Angle’s statements during the segment. Stephanie also says that there is no validity to Angle’s statements and that the GM must apologize on RAW tomorrow night. Stephanie also says that as their superior, she will manage them and their actions. Stephanie also says that they will all be on RAW tomorrow and hash out everything. When asked how Rousey fits in, Stephanie says that as long as they can smooth out the rough edges and polish her, she will be an A+ player in the WWE Women’s Division. She then ends the interview by saying that she is proud of the entire division’s performance tonight from the chamber match to Nia Jax and Asuka.

Young and Rosenberg the discuss the segment further and talks about how Kurt Angle fits into the fray. They then talk about how Rousey wants to be a part of the company and doesn’t want the special treatment.
Reigns limps onto the set as the final guest of the night. Reigns starts by saying that he is mentally excited but physically hurting. Young brings up the rivalry between Reigns and Strowman. Reigns puts over Strowman as a competitor and says that the beating he took will be somewhat of a setback going into WrestleMania. Reigns also says that he now has experience that will give him a better shot at Lesnar at Mania. Reigns also says that he will be at RAW if Lesnar wants to confront him. Reigns then talks about Paul Heyman doing Lesnar’s bidding for him and for him to step aside and let the men handle it in the ring. Reigns ends the interview and the night by saying that it is not a prediction, but a spoiler that he will beat Lesnar for the Universal Championship at WrestleMania.

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