Xavier Woods Jokes Customs Agent Confuses Him with Kofi Kingston

Xavier Woods tweeted on Friday that a customs agent refused to believe him when he said he wasn’t fellow New Day member Kofi Kingston. 
Apparently, Woods landed at an airport in Kuala Lumpur and was eventually pulled aside by a customs agent who didn’t believe he was being honest about his identity. That drew a big laugh from Kingston. Here’s the tweets posted by the New Day guys on Friday: 

Landed in Kuala Lumpur
Customs agent: You’re with WWE
Me: Yea
CA: Kofi Kingston
Me: Nah I’m the other black guy
CA: hmm, so you’re not Kofi Kingston
Me: ??No
CA: (Takes me to a shady side room) Guys, pretty sure this is Kofi Kingston and he just doesn’t wanna tell me
— Austin Creed’s in Malaysia! (@XavierWoodsPhD) December 1, 2018

?????? https://t.co/aVXnI2FJ9u
— Prince Kofi (@TrueKofi) December 1, 2018