Charlotte Talks About New Women’s Stipulation Match

The Raw Women’s Division has been given the opportunity to make a lot of history in 2016, from main eventing Monday Night Raw, to the first ever female Hell in a Cell match and the first ever main roster IronWoman match. 
It seems that WWE are hoping to extend this to 2017 now and Women’s Champion Charlotte recently talked about the next female’s stipulation match. 
The four-time Champion talked about the women possibly doing a Money in the Bank ladder match, whilst this would be quite hard given that there are two titles now and two women’s divisions, and definitely nowhere near enough women on either roster, this could well be an idea for the future. 

This year has definitely proved that the women’s division is on par with the men and if they are hoping to move forward next year, then it would be interesting to see if there will finally be the first ever females Money in the Bank Ladder match. 

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