eth Rollins Q&A: Nikki Bella Recovery, His Wrestling School, more

Seth Rollins took to the @BlackandBrave Twitter account to answer fan questions tonight. @BlackandBrave is the official page for The Black and The Brave Wrestling Academy, owned by Rollins and Marek Brave. Below are highlights:

@BlackandBrave @WWERollins When was the point in your career when you had the 1st thoughts of opening a wrestling school? #AskBlackAndBrave
— Linda (@_SkyHighRollins) May 26, 2016

Good question. Right after I got called up to the main roster, I texted @mbrave13 to see if he’d be interested.
— B & B Wrestling (@BlackandBrave) May 26, 2016

@BlackandBrave What’s been the best thing about teaching at your own wrestling school #AskBlackandBrave
— Heather (@msheathermagick) May 26, 2016

Watching young men and women get a chance to live their dreams.
— B & B Wrestling (@BlackandBrave) May 26, 2016

#AskBlackandBrave @BlackandBrave @WWERollins if given the chance, what woman superstar would you like to team up with in a match?
— #ThankyouChyna (@ScreamforAJ) May 26, 2016

The boss. @SashaBanksWWE
— B & B Wrestling (@BlackandBrave) May 26, 2016

@BlackandBrave #AskBlackandBrave Favorite wrestler right now?
— gui (@lhemergui) May 26, 2016

.@WWECesaro ??
— B & B Wrestling (@BlackandBrave) May 26, 2016

@BlackandBrave @WWERollins Who is your favorite WWE legend? #AskBlackandBrave
— RDB KING (@Rasheed_Buie) May 26, 2016

HBK @ShawnMichaels
— B & B Wrestling (@BlackandBrave) May 26, 2016

How you feel about Enzo and Big Cass @BlackandBrave? You like them? #AskBlackandBrave
— ???? (@colinscassady) May 26, 2016

Love em #HowYouDoin
— B & B Wrestling (@BlackandBrave) May 26, 2016

@BlackandBrave What is your opinion on Nikki Bella’s road to recovery? #AskBlackandBrave
— ? (@Divaschampi0n) May 26, 2016

I can’t wait to see her come back stronger than ever.
— B & B Wrestling (@BlackandBrave) May 26, 2016

@BlackandBrave if you can have a match in NXT, who would your opponent like to be? #AskBlackandBrave
— The Man Has Returned (@_Steph_Ortiz_) May 26, 2016

Would have to be @ShinsukeN.
— B & B Wrestling (@BlackandBrave) May 26, 2016

@BlackandBrave #AskBlackandBrave How involved are you at your wrestling school with new students?
— Kristen Leigh (@kristenleigh25) May 26, 2016

As involved as it gets. I’m here from start to finish. At the facility 90% of the time.
— B & B Wrestling (@BlackandBrave) May 26, 2016

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