Eva Marie Provides a Status Update, + Great Balls of Fire to Stay

For several months now, the general consensus has been that Eva Marie will eventually be an ex-WWE superstar. Eva Marie has been absent from televsion for nearly an entire year, and it has been rumored that WWE will not be renewing her contract, opting instead to simply let it expire. Eva Marie recently did an interview on Wrestling Observer Live and she provided an update on her status with the company. Marie had the following to say: “Of course. I love WWE. So, are you going to see me on TV as of late? Not so much. But will I possibly show up at some random Monday Night Raw, Smackdown Live, and go snatch that title? You never know, I am ‘Miss All Red Everything’. So anything is possible, but for the time being, I definitely have some projects coming up that don’t allow me to be on the road as much as you need to be when you are a full-time WWE talent.”
Eva Marie definitely sounds optimistic that a return could be in her future, but the rumors persist that she won’t be returning to television. Eva Marie has been wrestling for WWE since 2013, and she was repeatedly positioned to become a huge star. Ultimately, her inexperience in the ring derailed her chances of success in the industry. She was suspended from the company due to a Wellness Policy violation last August and has not appeared on either Raw or Smackdown ever since. She has been picking up work in movies and other outside projects lately, and Marie was recently taken off of Total Divas. We’ll have to wait and see if Marie ever does return, but if not, we may have seen the last star of the “Diva Era” in WWE walk away.
If you haven’t heard by now, WWE is going to be hosting a pay-per-view called Great Balls of Fire in two weeks. On Jerry Lawler’s podcast Dinner with the King, the wrestling legend spoke with Jerry Lewis III, a son of the signer Jerry Lewis who wrote the Great Balls of Fire song that the show is named after. Unlike Capitol Punishment, which was a one-off pay-per-view, the two revealed that Great Balls of Fire will be an annual show for WWE. WWE had to go through a battle over naming rights with the Lewis family to get the name, and they intend to use it for at least the next few years. The inaugural Great Balls of Fire show will air on the WWE Network on July 9th, and it will be headlined with Samoa Joe challenging Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship.

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