Former WWE Star Says there’s ‘No Chance’ WWE Will Sign Rousey

Ever Since Ronda Rousey’s epic appearance at WrestleMania 31 almost two years ago, the WWE Universe has been speculating that she would make the switch to WWE and dominate the Women’s Division. 
The problem now, though, is the fact that her two UFC losses and her most recent one being in less than a minute, could well have WWE thinking twice about signing her. 
Former WWE commentator and current ESPN anchor Jonathan Coachman went to Twitter to state the same thing, he believes that her recent losses will take her out of WWE’s plans for good now because they are not looking for a star that needs to be rebuilt. 

He wrote: “Sorry no chance. You can’t bring in her at any point. Perception matters. That performance mattered.
When a fan replied to state that WWE could still want Rousey on their roster, he furthered his point. He wrote:
“Michael listen to me. It will NEVER happen. They are not in the business of bringing in a broken star and rebuilding her.”
Could this mean that the WWE Universe’s dreams of seeing Ronda  Rousey in a WWE ring are really over?

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