News on the Finish of the Styles vs. Ziggler Match on Smackdown

On Smackdown, it was speculated that Dolph Ziggler may have messed up the finish a little bit in his match against AJ Styles. On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer speculated on this.
The finish was supposed to see Ziggler pin Styles while Styles had his foot on the ropes or at least in a position where Styles’ foot was around the area where the ropes where. Ziggler made a mistake and rolled him up too hard and holding up both his feet for the pin. Meltzer added that Styles no doubt was supposed to have his leg or his foot on the rope because there was no point in having the finish so close to the edge of the ring if they didn’t have any a plan behind it.
It is expected though that Styles will likely get his win back over Dolph in the coming weeks.

Source: Wrestling Observer Radio


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