Photo: Emmalina’s Ring Gear Revealed in Photoshoot

Fans may remember that it wasn’t too long ago when we saw a series of vignettes hyping up the debut of Emmalina in WWE. This was to be a new gimmick for WWE star Emma, who was returning from an injury last year. The vignettes were aired for months as fans eagerly awaited the new character to arrive, however, the idea was nixed at the last minute. Instead, Emmalina came out and revealed that she would be reverting back to Emma, leaving many fans confused in the process. Recently, a photo has surfaced on the internet. The photo reveals the ring attire that Emma was going to wear as her Emmalina character before it was scrapped.

Emmalina was designed to be a “throwback” character that reminded fans of stars like Sable and The Kat. It was rumored that before the Raw show that the character would be debuting at, WWE held some rehearsals for the character, and determined that the gimmick did not fit Emma. She disappeared once again, but did resurface on the Raw after Wrestlemania. She reemerged under her “Evil Emma” character that she portrayed in her second NXT run. We may never get to see Emmalina, but now we have an idea of what she would have looked like.

Emma has had a rocky relationship with WWE. She started off doing a “bad dancer” gimmick on NXT before being moved up to the main roster. There she began a partnership with Santino Marella before he retired back in 2014. Emma spent some more time in NXT in 2015, which led to the “Evil Emma” character being developed. After she returned to the main roster last year, she injured her back, but returned for one show as Emmalina. She made her full return to the ring earlier this year, but has since injured her shoulder. The Emmalina gimmick appears to have been handed down to future Smackdown star Lana.

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