Vince McMahon Reportedly to Blame for Talking Smack Cancellation

It was revealed not too long ago that WWE has decided to cancel Talking Smack as a weekly series on the WWE Network. The show previously aired after 205 Live on the network each week, it also served as a post-show that broke down and analyzed the latest edition of Smackdown from earlier in the night. The show was praised by fans as the unscripted nature of the show allowed for certain wrestlers to have the chance to show themselves and what they are all about. Fans were outraged when WWE decided to nix the show, even the show’s hosts Daniel Bryan and Renee Young were not told about the cancellation beforehand by the company.
As far as why the show got cancelled, well as mentioned before, Dave Meltzer responded to a question asking the same on Twitter earlier this week. He cited low viewership as the reason why the show got the axe, however, a new Sports Illustrated piece claims that the cancellation came courtesy of Vince McMahon himself. Despite the fact that he doesn’t attend as much shows as he used to, McMahon is still very much in charge of what is seen each and every single week. Vince McMahon obviously does not like it when one of his shows does not have a clear and present structure. In Talking Smack’s case, the show was completely unscripted and that played a role in what got it cancelled.
Vince McMahon did not feel that having an unscripted show where anybody could say anything that they wanted would be a good fit for his network, so he decided to have the show removed as a weekly series. It is a shame as the show provided fans with a look into just how much promo ability stars such as The Miz, Baron Corbin, and The Usos all have but never truly get to show without having to read from a script. Now the show will be relegated to being a monthly series, one that airs only after the Smackdown pay-per-views finish airing each month. The usual schedule of airing 205 Live after Smackdown each week has not changed due to the recent cancellation of Talking Smack.

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