Wrestlemania 34, Samoa Joe Debuting at the Royal Rumble?

Update on Wrestlemania 34
With New Orleans revealed as being the host city to Wrestlemania 34, other contenders that were in the running have been revealed.
Philadelphia, Minneapolis and New York were all in the running, with Minneapolis (the bookies favourite) even putting a video up several months back stating that Wrestlemania would be coming to their city. However, the reason the WWE decided to go with New Orleans (who also hosted Wrestlemania 30) is purely down to money. The company is now expected to make an announcement in regards to their decision this coming Monday, as Raw hails from New Orleans

Samoa Joe Potentially Debuting at the Royal Rumble
Samoa Joe has found himself as quite the hot topic among potential NXT main roster call ups, with the current rumour being that he may be a surprise entrant in the upcoming Royal Rumble.
Joe was recently fairly banged up following his series of matches against NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura, but is seemingly healed up as he worked last Thursday’s NXT tapings (dark match). However, it’s worth noting that Joe hasn’t worked a regular schedule on NXT television the past few weeks and isn’t currently involved in a storyline on that brand. This could also indicate the WWE’s intentions to have him appear at the Royal Rumble.

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