WWE News: Details on Mauro Ranallo’s New Contract

Mauro Ranallo, the former voice of Smackdown Live, is now the voice of NXT. He has been the voice of NXT for the past couple of weeks now. Mauro Ranallo has been given a new contract. This contract is different from what he was previously given by the WWE. The new contract between Mauro Ranallo and WWE is for two years and replaces the previous contract that was set to expire in August. 
The key difference under the new contract is that he would be working only with Triple H (who runs NXT) and Michael Cole (who produces NXT). The new contract would involve no interaction whatsoever with JBL and very little with Vince McMahon. To make matters more interesting, it was Michael Cole and HHH who were the ones who pushed for Ranallo to be hired in the first place for Smackdown in 2016.
Since the new contract falls under NXT shows, Ranallo will now be working approximately 18-20 dates per year as opposed to the 75-80 that he was working with when he was in Smackdown Live, but this does not include PPVs. 

When it comes to NXT, if there will be any additional updates needed on commentary after the original voice overs have been done, Ranallo has a studio in his home in L.A. where he can do that, rather than have to fly all the way back out to Stamford.
Finally, Ranallo’s contract is non-exclusive, which is unique among WWE announcers. Aside from doing commentary for NXT, he will be able to continue to work for Bellator and Showtime boxing.
Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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