WWE Officials Knew About JBL Bashing Ranallo; Other JBL Incident

During the “Bring it to the Table” episode on the WWE Network where JBL apparently went off on Mauro Ranallo is now said to be something that WWE officials knew was going to happen, rather than something JBL just did on his own. Further proof of this is that WWE continued to air and promote the show even after what happened, yet if JBL went off script or was saying something officials didn’t want him to, they would have simply edited it out.
Another JBL incident which has since been revealed is when he gave a non-wrestler a really hard time for missing some shows due to minor surgery. This employee also was dealing with a close family member dying at that time, yet JBL continued his harassment until the person broke down into tears. While it is not confirmed, the reports we are hearing are that this employee was likely Lilian Garcia.
Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter


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