Missouri Uses 'Mystery' Compound to Execute Convicted Murderer

Though the official makers of the lethal drug pentobarbital now refuse to sell the lethal drug to those planning to use it for executing human being, that didn’t stop the state of Missouri from finding some compounding agency from mixing up their own brew of it so that it could kill convicted murderer Michael Taylor early Wednesday morning.

Taylor’s execution, the fourth in as many months by the state of Missouri, is highlighted by the ongoing fight over the use of lethal injection pharmaceuticals which, due to the stand made by European manufacturers and others, have been harder to come by in the United States.

Despite protests against use of drugs by unknown and unregulated sources, the state went ahead with the execution.

As KCUR, a local NPR affiliate in Kansas City, reports:

Michael Taylor was convicted, along with Roderick Nunley, of the 1989 rape and murder of a fifteen year old girl, Ann Harris, who was kidnapped from her driveway while waiting for the bus to school. Nunley was also found guilty and remains on death row.


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