Reporting Exposes Deadly End for Asylum Seekers Deported by US

The U.S. government’s harsh immigration policies can have deadly consequences for refugees and asylum seekers who are forcibly deported back to violent conditions in their countries of origin, a chilling investigation published Monday by the Guardian reveals.

For their exposé, journalists Sibylla Brodzinsky and Ed Pilkington confirmed three cases in which men were murdered soon after being deported by the U.S. government to their hometowns in Honduras.

One of these men was José Marvin Martínez, who was 16-years-old when he fled San Manuel a few months after his brother was shot and killed, reportedly by gang members. In May 2013, Martínez was apprehended in Laredo, Texas by U.S. border patrol and was forcibly deported in August 2014.

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“On 14 December—four months after he was deported—Martínez, who was known locally as El Chele or ‘Blondie,’ was sitting outside a corner shop back in San Manuel when a gunman opened fire from a drive-by truck, killing him,” according to the article.