Jake Crist Reveals Changes Behind-The-Scenes At Impact Wrestling, Talks Chris Jericho's Cruise

Impact Wrestling Superstar Jake Crist recently spoke with the folks at Wrestling Epicenter regarding the behind-the-scenes management changes at Impact Wrestling, Chris Jericho’s cruise and more. Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On Impact Wrestling working with Lucha Underground and other promotions: “I think that it is beneficial to us as wrestlers and workers to have the platform to go on to different stages and perform. But, it is also for the fans! The fans win in this. When companies work together and when companies allow talent exchanges like what is going on now, it is beneficial for the fans and the wrestlers. It is just a win, win for everyone.”

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On Sami Callihan calling out ROH and Chris Jericho’s upcoming Rock ‘N’ Wrestling Rager Cruise: “It is beneficial not only for the Impact Wrestling fans, but for the Ring of Honor wrestling fans as well. To see the talent coming in and merging and people getting the dream matches that I’m sure you have a couple off the top of your head that you would like to see. If it happens … All I know is whatever is needed and whatever job is called upon, we’ll be there and we’ll do it!”

On Impact Wrestling’s new management and recent changes behind-the-scenes: “I think it’s changed a lot in the public view. I think it is towards the good because of the television that we’re producing. The heads and the suits of Impact Wrestling are doing a great job and giving us the platform to do it on is amazing. As far as I’m concerned, I have seen the regime changes. I was new coming in. I was looking at my shoes mostly minding my own business. We just come in and do our own thing.”

Check out the complete Jake Crist interview at WrestlingEpicenter.com.