News on WWE Significantly Cutting Back on House Shows in 2020

— There appears to be a major change happening with WWE’s house show business due to the fact that the events are starting to lose money as well as the low attendance giving investors a perception that WWE’s popularity is declining (which is pretty much true). According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, instead of the two brands – Raw and Smackdown – doing four shows per week as has been the model for years, these shows are becoming more rare with “super shows” (wrestlers from both brands) taking place instead, but not nearly at the same frequency.

— This weekend, WWE had no house shows scheduled and next weekend, there is only one – 2/9 super show in Fresno. The following week, there are two events – both super shows – on 2/15 and 2/16. The next Raw-only brand house show is not until 2/23 in Brandon, MB and the next Smackdown house show is not until 2/29 in Elmira, NY.

— The hope is that by reducing the number of house shows, it will cut losses and increase the average attendance per event in each quarter, which is something that WWE reports on to its investors. For much of 2019, the house shows had been dragging down this average number. The downside is for the talent, many of whom enjoying working non-televised events where they get to improvise, test and ultimately improve their game. It will also affect talent whose annual income is more reliant on house show revenue as they will be working much fewer dates.

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