Update on Alexa Bliss' Illness & How it Affected Monday's WWE Raw

— As noted before, Alexa Bliss has not only been dealing with post-concussion symptoms that have prevented her from getting back in the ring, but she has also been battling a cold the past week.

— According to the Observer Newsletter, Bliss had “bad cold” and a “very weak voice” that interfered with plans on Raw. Originally, Bliss was supposed to have a long promo on the show but after the cold affected her voice, the decision was made for her to not even speak. Instead, WWE writers had Nia Jax and Tamina interrupt Bliss and ultimately it was Jax who ended up carrying a segment that was initially supposed to be all Alexa.

— On a brighter note, Bliss recently posted on social media that she is finally get over the cold, so it appears she will be back to normal by this weekend or next week’s Raw.