Update On Rey Mysterio Shoulder Injury

New WWE United States champion Rey Mysterio released a video message on his Instagram to give an update on his shoulder injury suffered at the hands of Samoa Joe following their Money in the Bank title match.

Mysterio reveals that he has a separated AC joint, and that he’s been having a difficult time lifting his arm. He also brings up the controversial finish to the matchup, will he claims will be addressed at a later time.

“I separated a little bit of my AC joint, and we’re doing some PRP sessions here at the lab. Hopefully, this will improve my range of motion, which has been really bad. I got two uranage’s from Samoa Joe. Landed on my left shoulder, put all the weight on it. I’ve been having a hard time lifting up my arm.”

Check out the video Rey Mysterio released, where he shows off the actual injury while describing it, by CLICKING HERE. It’s worth noting that the video also features Mysterio addressing the controversial finish to the Samoa Joe match at Money in the Bank, making some “must-hear” shoot-style comments about the situation.

  • VIDEO: Rey Mysterio SHOOTS On Samoa Joe/MITB Controversy & Shows Off Bad Injury He Suffered …

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