WWE Already Discussing Rousey Main Eventing WM 35; News on Reigns' Raw Promo

— It was confirmed on Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE officials were so impressed with Ronda Rousey’s wrestling debut at WrestleMania, that there is already official talk underway of having her main event next year’s event. As noted before, the early match being considered is Rousey going up against Charlotte Flair.

— Also on this show, Dave Meltzer brought up the notion of Roman Reigns’ promo on Raw being somewhat of a shoot, specifically when he talked about Vince looking him in the eye and to “smarten” him up. That would be a reference to Vince changing plans for the WrestleMania main event and withholding that information from Reigns until very late. Meltzer added that the entire interview was meant as a way for the fans to “read between the lines.”