Daniels & Kazarian Shoot On Their TNA Departures, Being Better Than Bro-Mans

The following are some quotes from Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian speaking on their TNA departures in a new shoot interview with RF Video:

Daniels: “You can’t look at the act we had going on and say we weren’t over. You can’t look at us and say we aren’t good wrestlers and we weren’t entertaining. So, the reason behind letting us go at this point is mind-boggling. I have no idea why they thought that was a good business decision.”

Kazarian: “Still to this day we haven’t gotten a straight answer. Other than being told, ‘we’re going in different directions,’ telling different stories.”

Daniels: “Our story isn’t good? I don’t understand that. They decided to go with the Bro-Mans. I like Robbie and I like Jessie but I’ll say this right now, we’re a better team than them. We’re a better team. We’re more entertaining and we’re better wrestlers. That’s it. I love them to death. Jessie’s worked really hard to get where he’s at right now and he’s learning by leaps and bounds. But side by side, we are a better team than them. And they decided to go with them. That’s a personal decision.”

Kazarian: “You start to think, like, does somebody not like us? You always hear that. I would even ask, ‘did we piss somebody off, does somebody just not like us?’ It’s, ‘no you guys are doing great.’ Then every once and a while, we hear like, ‘well you wore your own shirt to the ring that one time.’ That was like in August of last year and we haven’t done it since so is there heat or not heat?”

Daniels: “Ok yeah, I did that and I apologized…”

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