Iron Sheik Interview: Hogan Returning To WWE, Warrior In The Hall of Fame

Ring Rust Radio with Iron Sheik
Host: Donald Wood
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On his proudest moment: “Everybody know nobody beat Mr. Bob Backlund until Iron Sheik come to the most famous arena in the world Madison Square Garden. I do my camel clutch and I almost break his neck and I become champion. My manager, God bless him, Mr. Fred Blassie, he know I make it that night.”

On Hogan potentially returning to WWE and the fact that Hogan is still such a big part of the business: “Hulk Hogan guitar player. He not Iron Sheik. Everybody know they never be the Hulkamania without Iron Sheik. I was biggest heel in the world and I put him over. He know I could break his leg and bring the belt to Minnesota but I never cut the hand that feed me. Mr McMahon Sr., he know I am the real and he always help me become the legend and still to this day I respect my company WWE.”

On Ultimate Warrior potentially being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame: “Ultimate Warrior is a low life, piece of shit, freak no good mother——. He make hall of fame for biggest piece of shit hall of fame. He never be in my class. None of the boys respect him because he never treat people in the ring with the respect. I think he is a punk. I think he is jabroni and he can go f— himself forever.”

On whether he thought the WrestleMania gimmick battle royal would have staying power: “You know, I always come back to WWE and they know I am the real legend. I not the Hillbilly Jim or the jabroni Bushwhacker. I come and I show that I tough man, still for my age I look good.”

On how he initially felt when wrestling was removed from the Olympic program, and his reaction now that it has been reinstated: “I very very happy. The Chael Sonnen my good friend and the legend we work very very hard to let the wrestling in the Olympic again. They let the jabroni sport like the javelin or the walking become sport and I think they big time jabroni sports. They know oldest sport in the world is the wrestling. They know I always be ready to shop my heart for my sport. I happy, bubba.”

On being a member of both the WWE and NWA Hall of Fame and which accomplishment he holds more precious: WWE or WWF give me everything I have from my wrestling day. Mr McMahon is like the emperor or the Rome. He help me become the legend. NWA, still I love, but still not like the WWE.

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