Jay Brisco Interview: Former ROH Stars Succeeding In NXT, CM Punk

Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Champion Jay Briscoe recently appeared on CBS Radio DC’s Chad Dukes Wrestling Show to promote ROH Here are some highlights of what he said about:

His 2013 Shoulder Injury: “It was pretty nasty, man. They said they could have did surgery for it and drove a screw down screwed the shoulder bone back into my arm but they said I would have been out for a while. So I just kinda let it heal on its own and now I guess it’s gonna be popped up like this until I get it taken care of. It’s not too bad I’ve learned to live with it.”

ROH & Independent Stars Succeeding In NXT: “I think it’s awesome. You see people like Claudio (Cesaro) on TV, I mean that’s my friend, I’m watching my friend succeed on TV, it’s cool being able to watch that. All the guys now in NXT seems like they’re just blowing up. It just shows that what we’re doing here in Ring of Honor, it’s almost like a proving ground. If you can do your thing and you can succeed here, it pretty much proves that you can handle it, you’ve got what it takes.”

CM Punk Joining UFC: “Punk’s my boy and he’s a determined dude if he puts his mind to something. I wish him all the luck in the world and I think he’s gonna surprise some people, man.”

Other topics discussed include Alberto El Patron joining ROH, the state of the industry and much more.

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