Jim Ross Q&A: Bringing WCW Guys To WWE, What TNA Needs, Chris Benoit

The following are highlights of a new Q&A update from the official website of WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross:

On what former “WWF President” Jack Tunney was like: “Really, nice, fun respectful guy who was a joy to be around. Was always good for a laugh and a good story.”

On why WWE never did a three-man announce team with Gorilla Monsoon, Bobby Heenan and Jim Ross: “I’d have no idea but I wouldn’t have gone there if asked for my opinion. Heenan and Gorilla did not need me or anyone else. Three man teams rarely work in pro wrestling.”

On the toughest negotiation he had in bringing a WCW guy to WWE: “If there were issues it was that in WWE one would work more dates and the guaranteed money would be lower but that there would be no ceiling on what a talent could earn if they clicked.”

On if TNA will ever be the number two company: “TNA needs to be re-booted with a new philosophy and structure. Too many people in the biz over think the biz and its simply not that complicated.”

On if it’s more disrespectful to mention Chris Benoit on WWE TV or to ignore his entire career: “Considering the actions of Chris in the last hours of his life, I’d suggest that there is no way to separate his wrestling career with the murder/suicide involving his family. He was a great wrestler but his inexplicable actions of the last hours of his life overshadow any wrestling matches in a fictitious world.”

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